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I'm a proud Denver native and executive marketer that has planted her roots in Los Angeles, California. I have a very special place in my heart for hot sauce, traveling (when the world isn't on fire), reading, cooking, yoga, cheese, and rap music.

I started my professional career in the architecture and engineering industry and went on to pursue digital media in 2008 after a long-time stint as a co-host and event promoter for a legendary indie hip hop radio show called Basementalism, music and culture writer for Westword, which is Denver's Village Voice publication, and a vlog-style video documentary series called 38th Square


Since then, I've worked at (which is now a branch of, Machinima, Loot Crate, and Legendary Digital Networks. I am currently the SVP of Marketing at Critical Role, which started as a live weekly RPG show and has evolved into much, much more. I am also a proud board member of the Critical Role Foundation, which was created to help make the world better than we found it.

If you'd like to learn more about me, check out my recent features with VoyageLA and Shoutout LA

My photo above was taken by the homie Blake Jackson.


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